About the Artist

Hi! My name is Amy, and I am studying Business and Marketing during my time in Fredericksburg, aka, the quaintest little town that’s almost like a piece of art itself.

Rather than let my wannabe writer side come out and spew a ton of words at you, I’m going to take a different approach, seeing that this is my first blog dedicated solely to art. I often relate to art on a personal level, even if it’s just random little picturesque things, so I’m going to mix it up a little bit and introduce myself in three simple steps: through colors, memes, and GIFS.





That moment when life takes you utterly by surprise …

… but you say, “You know what world? Bring it on!”

And you hop on that roller coaster ride and surf through the adventure like the classiest, most graceful boss lady around.

So enjoy exploring this site, getting to know my creative process, and most of all, getting to know me as a fellow artist and awesome person! Feel free to leave comments or reach out.

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